Simply means landlord

About Us


Tsutseh’s mission is to provide a platform for people to acquire, sell or lease a property without having to go through any hustle or stress. Tsutseh will provide a secure and safe platform for rental and sales of properties domestic and foreign.


Tsutseh’s goal is to create an environment of free movement and access to acquiring new property as easy as it can be with less stress and flexible payment flow and also provide a great and genuine client and tenants to property owners.


Tsutseh's aim is to make the lives of individuals and organisations simpler and free from stress and fraud.

The lives of every human is the most important deal for us Tsutseh, providing a comforting environment for individuals, with them having not to go through any stress is of much important to us. We will provide this not just to individuals but also to organizations who seek to acquire, sell or lease a property both large and small alike.

We want to be the ones that helped make humanity realize that their lives matters a lot, so every decision we make about a property should be toward our future.